AAHAR WAYS AWARDS aims to acknowledge the often-unrecognized Individuals, Business Organizations, Institutions & Associations who contribute to the success of the Food & HoReCa Industry. These awards shine the spotlight on the hardworking back-of-house heroes who are responsible for enduring perfectly prepared meals, seamless operations, and impeccable service.

In the current situation, where most of the professionals are facing challenges in their jobs and are unable to attend events in person. As a result, we have decided to organize this event online, once again.

Due to the great response we received last year, we are confident that the event will be a huge success in the industry this year as well. It is a unique event where deserving professionals will be recognized and awarded for their contributions to the industry.

Not only this event will attract a large audience, but it will also provide a wider reach and boost the morale of the participants. Additionally, it will provide great branding opportunities for the participating brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes AAHAR WAYS AWARDS Unique?
It caters a wide range of audience from the Food & HoReCa Industry. This diversity gives the award maximum reach and participation, making it one of the most prestigious awards in the Industry.
2. Who is eligible to participate in AAHAR WAYS AWARDS?
Individuals, Business Organizations, Institutions, and Associations of the Food & HoReCa Industry are eligible to participate.
3. What are the categories for the AAHAR WAYS AWARDS?
AAHAR WAYS AWARDS have various categories highlighting different aspects of the Food & HoReCa Industry. Some common categories include Best Hotel, Best Restaurant, Best Bar/Pub, Best Cloud Kitchens, Best Bakery / Confectionery / Café, Best HM / CT Institute, Best Manufacturer, Best Spices, Best Food Ingredients, Best General Manager, Best Chef, Best HR, Innovative Food Product, Customer Service Excellence, Best Hotels, Best Sous Chef, Best Executive Housekeeper, Best KST Executive, Best Front Office Executive, Best Caterer, Best Packaged Food/Beverage Company and many more!
4. How can I participate in the AAHAR WAYS AWARDS?
To participate in AAHAR WAYS AWARDS, WhatsApp ‘NOMINATE’ on +91 9897821407 to proceed further.
5. Is there a fee for participating in the AAHAR WAYS AWARDS?
There is no fee for participating for Associations & Professionals (Employees) of Food & HoReCa Industry in India. However, Business Organizations, Institutions can contact our Helpline Number +91-9897821407 for further details.
6. How will the winners for the AAHAR WAYS AWARDS be determined?
The nominees bagging the most number of votes out of the category listed would be announced as the winner. The nominations are based upon the Designation & Region (City wise, where City/UT may have multiple zones).
7. How will the winners receive their awards?
The winners of AAHAR WAYS AWARDS would receive their Certificates Online.
8. How can I stay updated about the AWARDS and other important updates?
To stay updated, you can SUBSCRIBE (FREE SERVICE) us by sending a WhatsApp message “SUBSCRIBE ME” at +91-9897821407. You can also follow our social media handles.
  • The decision of the Management of AAHAR WAYS will be final.
  • All Disputes Subject to Ghaziabad (INDIA) Jurisdiction.


I am very happy to hear that India's Leading Media, who is serving the Food & HORECA Industry for years, is organising AAHAR WAYS AWARDS.

My Best Wishes for the success of the forthcoming AAHAR WAYS AWARDS event. I convey my heartiest greetings to the organizers and wish them success.
The Professional HouseKeepers Association (PHA) has been associated with AAHAR WAYS for many years, and we are extremely pleased to express our appreciation for the last edition of AAHAR WAYS AWARDS. It was truly remarkable, and I have never witnessed such a magnificent event in the entire Food & HORECA Industry.

We are confident that this event will be even more extraordinary and successful.
AAHAR WAYS is an exclusive platform where you get connected to all aspects of Food & HORECA, starting from Food & Beverage, Catering, Dairy, Confectionery, Packaging, Bakery, Hotels, Restaurants, F&B Equipment & Services, Health, House-keeping and allied Industries.

They are the fastest, widest and targets the right audience of our Industry. My Best Wishes are always with them.
AAHAR WAYS has been a force to reckon with. It has been working closely with the  Food, Beverage & HORECA Industry documenting and curating not only the latest trends but also sharing information within the fraternity.

They have been bringing all the stakeholders on one platform through their events. Their awards honor and celebrate the best. IWH is happy to partner with them. We wish AAHAR WAYS the very best for continued success.
I am very happy to know that AAHAR WAYS - The Leading Media of Food & HORECA Industry is organising AAHAR WAYS AWARDS. It will be a great step to boost the morale of the Suppliers and Professionals of our Industry.

I wish them a grand success for their forthcoming event.
AAHAR WAYS AWARDS is the Most Prestigious Awards in the entire Food & HORECA Industry.

AAHAR WAYS is doing an amazing job to uplift the Food & Hospitality Professionals. This will be a great opportunity for the Hoteliers, Hospitality Professionals and Vendors.

I wish them all the very best and my full support to AAHAR WAYS.
They are the Smartest, Fastest and with the widest reach Media, of our Industry. Another milestone for AAHAR WAYS, and many more to come.

My best wishes are always with them.
AAHAR WAYS AWARDS is the most Recognized Awards for our Food & HORECA Industry. They have been serving the Industry for more than a decade. They are very choosy in linking us with Vendors with the best range of products time to time. The best part is that, the Vendors are very satisfied promoting themselves through AAHAR WAYS.

We wish AAHAR WAYS the great success.
AAHAR WAYS has always been a blessing for the FOOD & HORECA Industry. There is no doubt in saying that they are today’s best medium to connect Buyers and Vendors.

They have always recognized, promoted and boosted the Industry Professionals and Vendors. Best wishes and complete support from me and my team for their forthcoming AAHAR WAYS Awards.
AAHAR WAYS has done an excellent job of promoting the Food & HORECA Industry.

Now, in this AWARD event, they will bring together the Industry's hidden Icons & Brands. I on behalf of the Organisation, congratulate AAHAR WAYS for this initiative. This award will invigorate the Professionals of all India Food & HORECA Industry, which will give Professionals & Vendors a new identity.

AAHAR WAYS has always proved to set bench marks and now with their Awards, they are going to be the most prestigious awards in Food and HORECA Industry.

I am so looking forward to this in the near future. Wishing the entire team of AAHAR WAYS all the best and to keep the flag up and high as always.
No doubt, AAHAR WAYS AWARDS are the most prestigious Awards in the Food & HORECA Industry. AAHAR WAYS has come a long way and is the pioneer when it comes to bringing complete Industry Professionals under one roof.

It would be the best platform for the entire Food & HORECA Industry. Such awards will boost and encourage our Industry. I wish all the very best to AAHAR WAYS.
Our Industry is blessed with AAHAR WAYS, since they have been promoting the Professionals & Suppliers from their inception. ,

I am sure that they will not only take this to a new level but will also recognize the hidden and talented Professionals & Suppliers since they have the largest reach in our Industry. Keep it up. I wish you all the very best.
AAHAR WAYS has always been performing diligently towards recognizing the most deserving professionals in the Food, Beverage & HORECA Industry. These awards will be an applause of discipline, encouragement, an elevation to next level.

It will be a wide area which exposes recognition to the most deserved in the this Industry. I wish AAHAR WAYS to keep up the great work! All the best to the whole Team.
AAHAR WAYS is playing a major role to uplift the Housekeepers since its inception.

No doubt, this is the MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS for Food & HORECA Industry. It will recognize Best Professionals in the whole Industry.

We wish AAHAR WAYS all the very best for this event.
AAHAR WAYS is a leading media that promotes F&B and Hospitality Professionals; they also guide you for all your related needs. It would be an honor for the prospective winner to bag the AAHAR WAYS AWARD.

They have put many years together. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors. I hope they keep doing the best for the Industry.
I appreciate the efforts by AAHAR WAYS. When it comes to service and promoting the Industry, they are undoubtedly #1 in our Industry. They are the most Professional Media who plays a pivotal role in helping and uplifting the Food & HORECA Industry and Professionals, especially Chefs.

I am a great fan of their work and their passion. My full support for AAHAR WAYS AWARDS.